Sunday, 30 November 2014

Miss Earth 2014 is Miss Philippines

The Philippines' Jamie Herrell was crowned Miss Earth 2014 at the pageant's grand coronation night Saturday, November 29, at the UP Theater. 

The following were the runners-up:
  • Miss Earth Fire: Russia, Anastasia Trusova
  • Miss Earth Water: Venezuela, Maira Alexandra Rodriguez
  • Miss Earth Air: USA, Andrea Neu
Delegates from the following countries made the top 8:
  • Brazil
  • Mongolia
  • Slovak Republic
  • Venezuela
  • USA
  • Philippines
  • Russia
  • Spain
In the question and answer portion, Herrrel was asked: "If you win tonight's crown what will you do to reverse global warming?"
The Cebu native answered: "Global warming has been known to be a long, overdue issue. I will use my title to inspire others, help our environment, and we start with the kids -- the kids are the people of tomorrow."
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