Wednesday, 11 November 2009

My Birthday Review

Have a read and look at the photos of my recent birthday party which took place few weeks ago. I got the chance to do this post by now. The reason for the delay is that I was so busy for the past few weeks due to virtual cooking game..hehehe.

Bacon is also celebrating her birthday together with her children like Chez, Joro, Sikyu, Sweetie, Booh, Pinky, Panda and Bulilit. What a party which was attended by my Filipino community friends with their families.

The food was awesome catered by Orly's catering at a very reasonable price. I was the only preparing the party, moving the furnitures and setting up the place plus the after care which I did it by myself, so tiresome but I enjoyed it well.

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Dany Event Planning said...

I received a speeding ticket, but after reviewing it, the officer wrote the wrong birthday so now im wondering if i can show up to court and have it thrown out.

Marly said...

Wow, daming handa ah.belated happy birthday joro :)

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