Friday, 3 July 2009

Imelda Marcos Celebrates Her 80th Birthday

Instead of giving the money used of her extravagance 80th birthday party to the poor, she poured the Sofitel Hotel with her lavish imeldific style of celebrating her party.

Few days back, she acted like a drama queen crying on the national television that she has no money left and she is poor now. She also said that her frozen assets will be handed back to her. And that, she is only expecting the pension from the late dictator, Marcos. What a shame really for that type of person without thinking of her sins to the people. KAMUKS TALAGA.

And the funniest thing about her crying drama episode was that she was wearing her trademark precious jewelries like the dangling emerald earings, a very beautiful diamond necklace, rings and bracelet. Is that what she said that she is poor?

And now, she celebrated her birthday with a bang. Her cronies and loyalists further said that they organized and sponsored the said party. Do you think her cronies have done that for her? hahaahah. I don't think so. I don't know some of the people have already forgotten of what she and her family had done to the country during their authoritarian rule of the country.
The funniest of them all is that, she likes to pray when the media is around, showing her diamond rosary beads and showing that she is religious. That's hypocrite.

But for me, she is still a sinner and needs to pay back the country of they(she) had done to us. Anyway, the government is very lenient with her because they think they can still use her. Bayani Fernando was there.

Back to her lavish party. If she donated it to the most deprieve and poor people, maybe, it can reduce her sins. God knows about of what she has done and only God can give her the necessary punishment that affects her.

Below is the article about her birthday:
by Ricky Carandang -

MANILA - Former First Lady Imelda Marcos turns 80 years old on Thursday, and she plans to celebrate in Imelda-style with a party at the Sofitel Hotel.

Speaking on ANC's the Big Picture (to be shown 9:30 pm, July 2), Marcos says she had a lot to celebrate.

"As I approach my 80th birthday, I am thankful to see that after more than two decades of relentless ridicule, we are starting to surface the truth," she says.

The truth, she says, is that the billions of dollars of Marcos wealth were not stolen but earned honestly.

To back up that claim, Mrs Marcos cites court decisions clearing her of her hundreds of cases.

She says that with only a handful of cases left, her birthday wish is vindication.

"It would be a perfect gift and a perfect decision from heaven...I am sure we will be vindicated. The top 16 firms of the world were used to destroy my credibility, and I did nothing but gather documents. And now, the truth can come out," she says.

When asked why she was confident after 23 years, she said: "I am confident because I know the truth, not because of any understanding [with Mrs. Arroyo]."

Understanding or not, Mrs Marcos says she's only one case away from vindication. And as she turns 80, she wants history to be rewritten to favor the Marcoses.

But not so fast, says the PCGG.

According to Jay Miguel of the PCGG's Legal Department, she is a respondent in 35 more pending cases.

The cases arise from allegations that the Marcoses amassed billions of dollars in ill-gotten wealth during their 20-year rule.

In 1986, after the ouster of Marcos from power, the government of President Corazon Aquino filed hundreds of cases against the Marcoses and their cronies in an effort to retrieve the wealth.

But over the years, these efforts have largely failed.


Cecile said...

tanaw ko sa iyang pics dire :-), kadako na iyang bday cake uy :-)

Jojo said...

grabe gyod ning tigulanga sa, baga gyod ug nawong

Andy said...

She has no shame at all.

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