Monday, 6 July 2009

Filipino Baryo Pista in Birmingham

This happened three weeks ago. The Birmingham Filipino Community had organized this festival that caters the whole Filipinos around Birmingham and the West Midlands. I was there watching the event but the one that attracts me so much was the Miss Gay Birmingham 2009 beauty pageant. It was a bit hilarious as the beauties paraded in different outfits starting with the swimsui, ethnic costume and long gown.

And the winner was candidate number 5. Sorry I don't know his name.

But anyway, I enjoyed it so much. I went home right after the show.


shydub said...

ang lalaki ng mga muscles ngmga contestant. Im usre the show cracked you out. I like Miss gay, its funny that the other beauty pageant.

Tey said...

grabe and gaganda nila? Wala akong masabe
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Jojo said...

murag baksidor ng usa baby ay...hahaah

Joemar said...

yon bang nakapula, hay naku, ang mukha parang kargador sa pier..hahahah

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