Saturday, 11 July 2009

During The Birmingham Baryo Pista

The Lord Mayor of Birmingham received the plaque of appreciation in behalf of the Birmingham Filipino Community by Theo
The UK Ambassador to the Philippine Embassy
The Philippine Consul General of the Philippine Embassy in UK

This is an update during the Birmingham Baryo Pista. It was attended by the Philippine Consul General to the UK and the UK Ambassador to the Philippines. Sorry, I forgot their names. The ambassador had said something interesting regarding the new policies regarding the immigration and this is favourable to all Filipinos.

This was taken during the Santacruzan sa Birmingham on the second day of the celebration. I think the event was said to be successful that attracted lots of expatriates within West Midlands.


Jojo said...

unta makapasar ko sa iyang interview baby

Jojo said...

mao diay ng inyo mayor diha? nganong naa siyay kwentas nga bulawan

Robelyn said...

That's a good news for all of you there.

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