Sunday, 15 March 2009

My Second Placement, Acorns Hospice

I started my first week in placement as a student nurse in Acorns Hospice Selly Oak.

Acorns Hospice is a charitable property that caters the needs of the life-limiting children being confined there.

Acorns Hospice is not a hospital but the concept is that they wanted it to like another child's home.

The set-up is like a home really with a dining kitchen, playroom, computer room, bathpool, etc.

The childrens illness include muscle dystrophy or muscle wasting. They can't walk and they are very dependent.

Some are being attacked by cerebral palsy. Some of the residents could communicate without a problem but some are very dependent and no communication uttered.

I found it very difficult to be there as I have no knowledge in caring for this sick children. As I saw their conditions, I am very very touched. How can the family could cope with it? I

It is really hard work and their dedication and the love for their children is very helpful.

Being a student in this type of environment is very stressing and upsetting for me.

I could not relate my task in tackling this matter. There are times that I suggested to myself to give up but also, my relentness to finisht this course.

My mentor is really good. She never left me alone and showed me everything in the hospice.
And she is very helpful to me like supplying me with information about the hospice.

We started on my first day last Monday, manuevering a very large amount of stool from one of my patient. We took her to bath as she was so soilde with faeces.

After that, I had a chat with my mentor and we discussed my outcomes and what I am expecting to learn. But to say honestly, I really don't like it. I don't like placement.

But anyway, it is already there. The only thing I can do is to study hard and patient.


Anonymous said...

I know it's really hard to deal with them but you will use to that.

Jojo said...

kaya na nimo baby oy, ikaw pa, i love you very much

Jojo said...

unsa na siya baby

Robelyn said...

kaya na nimo loy oy, ikaw pa

Anonymous said...

Well done, you can cope with it

Christinehaze is SC's author said...

Mao bah Loy? Goodluck! At least no makatabang sad ka sa kabata-an na in need.

Thousand Oaks Hospice said...

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Thousand Oaks Hospice said...

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