Friday, 6 March 2009

Finally, I'm Finished In My First Placement

I just finished my first placement of my Paediatric course which is in the Busy Bees Nursery School.
I was a student carer in the said nursery and I spent two weeks there.

Basing on my placement and my experience in the nursery, I did enjoyed my stay there basing in the fact that I obtained a bondage with the tots. They are so adorable.

I learned a lot there to cope up with the development stages of a child. I was assigned in a room for the age group 2 to 2 1/2 years old. There is one child that I could not forget but I will not reveal the name here.

He is fine and friendly except that he is so hyperactive. The youngest of the group, 2 years old, a boy, of which everytime I came into the room, he remembered my name and even, hugged me straight away.

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I will really miss them. I will miss their kisses and hugs, their laughs and giggles, their squirks and screams, their cries and joltings and everything.

Hope to work with them soon. To be honest, I really feel sad. I learn to love them and I will really miss them.


Jojo said...

Musta baby, maayo kay namana ka diha. Mingawon ka sa mga bata. I love you very much.

Jojo said...

Nindot dia diha baby sa? love you

Anonymous said...

came here for a visit!

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