Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Heavy Snow Across UK


My first day in the university when the heaviest snow fell on the Midlands and all over UK. I was so happy upon knowing of the heavy snowfall. Children were happy as the classes were suspended and so do I.

I thought that our first day of class was to be suspended but we carried on. After our orientation, I enjoyed taking snapshots of the pretty virgin snow.

Parts of the UK have struggled with a second day of disruption following their heaviest snowfalls in 18 years, which closed more than 6,000 schools.

Wales and south-west England bore the brunt of the snow on Tuesday, which is expected to move north.

South-east England saw further delays on roads and cancelled trains and flights, while gritters have struggled to reach some areas in the Pennines.

Forecasters warned more heavy snow could fall later in the week.

Council leaders have admitted stocks of grit have been massively depleted, but say they are unlikely to run out as supplies are being continuously restocked.

Although Monday night's snowfall in northern England was not as heavy as had been forecast, many minor roads have witnessed tailbacks and heavy disruption.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, hastang ka tugnawa sa snow oi! Grabe, dinhi sab eh ang thick ng snow. Maayo pa mo naka make a snowman and a mouse head pa...LOL. Ok ah, till here. Na enjoy ko sa pics.

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