Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas To All!


Merry christmas

God is Love
Christmas is all about love
Christmas is thus about God and Love
Love is the key to peace among all mankind
Love is the key to peace and happiness within all creation
Love needs to be practiced - love needs to flow - love needs to make happy
Love starts with your partner, children and family and expands to all world
God bless all mankind
Today is the birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ
Let us pray together for peace on earth.

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Sunday, 20 December 2009

World Record For One-Finger Press-Up

A kung fu master has given his rivals the finger after breaking the world record for doing push-ups... with one finger.Fu Bingli - who has been studying martial arts for 32 years, since the age of just seven - scooped the Guinness World Record on Monday for completing 12 press-ups on just one finger of his right hand.
'I've been training since I was seven years old and my index finger has as much strength in it as most people's entire body,' said Fu, with masterful understatement.
Fu, of Lianyungang, eastern China, also claims that he can stand upside down supporting himself on just a single finger, but we'll probably wait for pictures of that before we're entirely convinced.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Painful Stunt

Sorry for the late post. I'm so busy in facebook but I leave you with this astonishing stunt.

Well, as you can see the photo of a man pulling the van with his eyelids, it makes you sick and terrified. But that's exactly what this martial arts enthusiast is doing, as he pulls the vehicle along with a rope connected to his eye sockets.

The demonstration of his eyes' pulling power happened during a performance in Hefei, in China's Anhui province. It's not entirely clear how far he managed to pull the van, or how his eyes felt about the whole affair. And to do this, only an expert can do.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

My Birthday Review

Have a read and look at the photos of my recent birthday party which took place few weeks ago. I got the chance to do this post by now. The reason for the delay is that I was so busy for the past few weeks due to virtual cooking game..hehehe.

Bacon is also celebrating her birthday together with her children like Chez, Joro, Sikyu, Sweetie, Booh, Pinky, Panda and Bulilit. What a party which was attended by my Filipino community friends with their families.

The food was awesome catered by Orly's catering at a very reasonable price. I was the only preparing the party, moving the furnitures and setting up the place plus the after care which I did it by myself, so tiresome but I enjoyed it well.

Click here for more.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Halloween Treat At The Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle is located in Warwick, Warwickshire, England and not far from where I live. Ruby, my friend from Germany who came over here for a holiday had spent our day in the castle. The theme of the day, is of course, Halloween. The castle and the pathway to the hill is adorned with pumpkins, vampire bats, cobwebs and creepy creatures. There was a white lady as well roaming around or sat in the couch inside the castle. That's scary.

Anyway, we enjoyed our day out and perhaps, it is Ruby's glorious moments when she visited the famous castle of England.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

happy birthday
Happy BirthdayRolly Bacon Chez Sikyu Sweetie Panda Booh Joro Pinky Bulilit
Today, October 25 is my natal day. There will be a birthday party for my close friends here in Birmingham. It will be catered by Orly Catering. Hope you can come and join the fun.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Mutya Thinking Of A Reunion

I'm an avid fan of the original SUGABABES girl band group and I even watched their concert here in Birmingham in National Indoor Arena few years back. I managedto get a front seat but unfortunately, my camera was confiscated in the entrance due to the size of my camera. They said that professional cameras are not allowed inside but my camera was not a pro but an ordinary one, only it is quiete bulky.

Anyhow, ex-member MUTYA BUENA is a Filipino in origin and she got a wonderful voice. Could we soon see the original Sugababes line-up fighting it out in the charts the with the current Sugababes? If founder member Mutya Buena has her way, we will.

The band was formed in 1998 by teenagers Mutya, Keisha Buchanan and Siobhan Donaghy. After their initial success, Donaghy left the band in 2001 amid rumours of bullying at the hands of childhood friends Keisha and Mutya. She was replaced by Heidi Range.
This line-up lasted until late 2005 when Mutya, left the band to focus on giving birth and raising her daughter.

This September, Keisha Buchanan, became the last of the original trio to leave the band – and ever since there has been widespread speculation about the possibility of the three founder members recording together.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Manila Drowned Part 3

This is a continuation of the flood photos. At the moment, there are some parts of Manila that is still submerged into waters. But the relief goods are pouring to the affected areas.

There are so many kindhearted kababayans and people abroad who sincerely sent their help through pledge donations like cash or in kind.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Manila Drowned Part 2

Some photos here for you to see.

What a disaster and tragedy. I could not believe that it happened in just a clap of hands. The water rose so quickly that even the rich people mansions were not spared.

Lessons to learn? Love our environment.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Manila Drowned

This is a bit old news but I'm only sharing some of the horrific photos during the massive flooding in Manila and the rests of Luzon that was being affected by the typhoon Ondoy. So many died due to drowning and so many have been evacuated to schools, halls and gymnasium.

But the Filipino spirit of helping those who are in need is the best asset that we have. Donations and relief goods poured to the evacuees and the affected. The government is helping them out and the crisis will end soon.

Monday, 5 October 2009

We Will Miss You

In the pond of our hospital, there were our new darling for all the staff, patients and friends. The wild ducks with the mother duck and her 7 ducklings. The mother duck was the frequent visitor of the pond for her stopover for her search for food. One day, she hatched 7 ducklings and we adored them as they walked and wandered in the pond. The door was shut to protect them from going outside the pond. They waded in the pond and was fed by the kitchen staff. If you have only seen them, for sure, you will like them.

We witnessed them as they grew older. Everytime I passed there, I gave them a good kiss. They are adorable. There was a discussion about their rights to stay there and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)insisted that they should live in their normal habitat. They were taken away and put in the conservation camp before they will be released.

I really them and I love them and now, I started missing them. Hope they will come back one day.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Knife Embedded In Her Bum

This is a weird news about a cheeky robbers that left a mugging victim with a mystery pain that doctors only got to the bottom of four months later – when they found a knife buried in her buttocks.

Being robbed is a pain in the rear end at the best of times, but as you can see from this remarkable X-ray Ying Shi, 26, was left with a nasty reminder of the ordeal. Doctors found a razor-sharp six-inch blade buried so far into her bottom that it was pressing into her bladder.

'All I remember of the night was a stabbing pain in my backside. I thought they had just slashed me, I didn't realise the whole blade had gone all the way in,' she said.

Doctors in Shanghai, eastern China, were stumped by Ying's stomach complaints, until they performed a scan.

'I am amazed they missed it the first time around but very relieved that they've found it now,' she said.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Another Hats

Continuation of the hat fashion collection. Humans have covered their heads since time immemorial. Initially headwear offered protection from the elements and from injury from falling rocks, weapons or masonry. Later head coverings became symbols of status of authority. Soon after hats progressed to become not only a uniform, but also an art form.

In fashion terms, hats are a very noticeable accessory because the onlooker’s attention is first drawn to the face. A hat is the most noticeable fashion item anyone can wear. The old saying goes 'if you want to get ahead and get noticed, then get a hat'. Indeed the word 'ahead' means just that one head further forward.

Since some body heat is lost through the head, in inclement conditions it is important to cover the head. Babies in particular lose heat rapidly through the head, thus ensuring a baby or toddler has a warm covered head in winter is important.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Incridible Hats

A hat is a head covering. It may be worn for protection against the elements, for religious reasons, for safety, or as a fashion accessory. In the past, hats were an indicator of social status. In the military, they denote rank and regiment.

But I think, having these hats, it will look you silly when wearing this in public or in streets. I give merit to the designer of these fabulous hats. They look weird but incridible.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Information About Stroke or CVA

I received this forwarded email message from my friend Gemma in Sweden and I found out that this is a more comprehensive and compact detailed information about stroke and I found out very interesting eventhough I am already working in medical field.

A stroke is the rapidly developing loss of brain function(s) due to disturbance in the blood supply to the brain. This can be due to ischemia (lack of blood supply) caused by thrombosis or embolism or due to a hemorrhage. As a result, the affected area of the brain is unable to function, leading to inability to move one or more limbs on one side of the body, inability to understand or formulate speech, or inability to see one side of the visual field.[1] In the past, stroke was referred to as cerebrovascular accident or CVA, but the term "stroke" is now preferred.

Blood Clots/Stroke - They Now Have a Fourth Indicator, the Tongue

Thank God for the sense to remember the '3' steps, STR . Read and Learn!

Sometimes symptoms of a stroke are difficult to identify. Unfortunately, the lack of awareness spells disaster. The stroke victim may suffer severe brain damage when people nearby fail to recognize the symptoms of a stroke.

Now doctors say a bystander can recognize a stroke by asking three simple questions:
S * Ask the individual to SMILE.
T * Ask the person to TALK and SPEAK A SIMPLE SENTENCE (Coherently)
(i.e. It is sunny out today.)
R * Ask him or her to RAISE BOTH ARMS.

If he or she has trouble with ANY ONE of these tasks, call emergency number immediately and describe the symptoms to the dispatcher.
New Sign of a Stroke --------
Stick out Your Tongue

NOTE: Another 'sign' of a stroke is this: Ask the person to 'stick' out his tongue.. If the tongue is 'crooked', if it goes to one side or the other , that is also an indication of a stroke.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Latest Hats In Town

My apology for not entering a post here for weeks as I am so busy with the virtual farming called farmtown. But here I am again, writing about this fashionable hats that I encountered in the net.

I don't know if you can wear this in the streets or anywhere. I thought fashion designers are a bit odd in choosing or presenting their designs which I think, bizarre.

But in contrast, it's funny in the other sense and very creative and imaginative these designers are.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

This is a continuation of the weird advert of one of the group called Lipping Mad from Facebook. They had announced about their challenge for everybody regarding their call about posing in a lipping position, facedown, arms to the sides and legs straight.

And the advert is successful with so many interested members who joined the group and gathered thousands of photo.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Rest In Peace, Pres. Cory

World leaders have expressed their condolences on the passing of former Philippine president Corazon Aquino, who died early Saturday morning after battling colon cancer for more than a year.

United States President Barack Obama was deeply saddened by the news of the death of Aquino.

“Ms. Aquino played a crucial role in Philippines history, moving the country to democratic rule through her non-violent "People Power" movement over twenty years ago,” White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said in a statement.

Gibbs extended the American people and the President’s deepest condolences to the Aquino family and the Filipino nation.

“Her courage, determination, and moral leadership are an inspiration to us all and exemplify the best in the Filipino nation,” he said.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Aquino “helped bring back democracy back to the Philippines after many years of authoritarian rule with a faith in her country and its people that never wavered."

The former US First Lady added that Aquino was beloved and admired by the world for her extraordinary courage after her husband Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino’s assassination and during her service as president.

“Like millions of people worldwide, Bill and I were inspired by her quiet strength and her unshakable commitment to justice and freedom. We join the American and Filipino people in honoring her life and memory,” Clinton said.

US Ambassador Kristie Kenney said Aquino’s “courage in the face of tragedy and the peaceful restoration of democracy made her an icon for freedom-loving people everywhere”.

Aquino passed away Saturday morning. Her family said the former president peacefully passed away of cardio respiratory arrest after more than a year of battling colon cancer.

Kenney said Aquino had worked closely with the US embassy for the past 20 years. She helped select the annual recipients of the Ninoy Aquino Fellowships given for public service and journalism.

“We will deeply miss her personal warmth and her tireless zeal on behalf of talented Filipinos emerging as leaders in those fields.”

“Our deepest sympathy, thoughts, and prayers are with the Aquino family and all those who, like us, loved her," she said.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was earlier interviewed by ABS-CBN North America News Bureau. She said Aquino was a “woman of courage” and an “inspiration” to many.

Aside from the US, the international community also joined the Filipino people in mourning Aquino’s death.

Ambassador Alistair MacDonald of the Delegation of the European Commission to the Philippines also expressed his deepest sympathy to the Aquino family and the Philippine nation.

"My heartfelt condolences and deepest sympathy go to the family of President Aquino, and to the Philippine nation, on this very sad occasion,” said MacDonald.

Aquino, MacDonald said, became a beacon of democracy in the Philippines in 1986 and “an inspiration for many others around the world”.

“Throughout her Presidential term, and notwithstanding a number of severe challenges, she never flinched in her determination to ensure that the Philippines would not veer from its democratic path,” MacDonald added.

The government of Singapore is also deeply saddened by the death of a former president which it described as a “symbol of democracy” in the Philippines.

“The Government conveys its condolences to her family, the Government and the people of the Philippines,” Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated.

The statement added that Aquino had worked “tirelessly for the betterment of the Philippines”.

“She is a symbol of democracy in the Philippines and will long be remembered and respected both in the Philippines and internationally for her devotion to her people,” it stated.

Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva meanwhile praised Aquino's contribution to peace and development of democracy in the Philippines.

"The Government and the people of Thailand have learned with deep sadness of the demise of Her Excellency Corazon Aquino and we join the Republic of the Philippines in mourning," the message posted on the Thai Foreign Ministry web site said.

"Her Excellency Aquino’s contribution to the development of the country and her tireless devotion to peace, stability and democracy for the people of the Republic of the Philippines are well recognised throughout the world and will always be remembered and cherished by all of us with admiration and respect," it said. With a report from the Agence France-Presse

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Challenge In Facebook

photos courtesy of facebook Lipping Mad

Lipping Mad had announced about their challenge for everybody regarding their call about posing in a lipping position, facedown, arms to the sides and legs straight.

And the advert is successful with so many joined the group and gathered thousands of photo.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Facebook Group Has Announced A Challenge

photos by LIPPING MAD

I read it first through Metro newspaper when I boarded the bus in going to duty. I read it straightaway because it interest me. It's about a facebook group called LIPPING MAD and the challenge is to do a lipping position with your face down and straight arms and legs.

Well, the announcement really work as they garnered a lot of audience and members that participated to the challenge. If you ask me, I think I am willing to do if compelled to do. I mean, if I have a strong guts to do it.

Anyway, just look at the photos and you will find it amusing.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Water Reservoir

The Reservoir at Bartley Green, Birmingham was built around 1900. The water in Bartley runs entirely by gravity from the Elan Valley in Wales. I was able to pass here by accident on my bike from Woodgate Valley to Norhtfield by bike. Eventhough, I live locally but I never here since.

Bartley Green water reservoir was actually the source of water for the Midlands before but it is being used now as a sailing club Bartley Sailing Club is situated on Bartley Reservoir in the south-western outskirts of Birmingham. Close to the M42 and M5 we have 120 acres of clean water and generally excellent wind conditions.

The club was founded when a few hardy souls from existing local sailing clubs began sailing on Bartley Reservoir in the late 1970s. Facilities have grown from a tiny toilet tent to a modern and comprehensive site including a clubhouse built in the mid-1980s, a large car park, dinghy park, safety boat garage, race control building, slipways and pontoons for easy launching.

There is a professionally-operated bar and catering facilities - Eileen’s Galley, plus a large area which we use for training and social events.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Crayon Painting

When I went to London to watch the Wimbledon and London Gay Pride, I passed this man painting in the pavement using crayons. I was amazed of what he had done. It's a hard work to do this and lots of motivation, dedication and dedication. This is his streetact and many people through coins and I saw paper bills as well. I did contributed some of my extra coins. I know how hard it is. People just stood still and watched of what he is doing.

But this man got the talent to do it. If somebody can discover him of his talent, maybe, one day, he will be famous as a crayon painter. I wish him good luck and continue doing the good work.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Happy Birthday Alexa and Leo

Last Sunday was the joined birthday celebration of Alexa Rivera and Leo Zaballero in Mayette's house. There were only few guests but with a quiete number of kids jumping to their might in the trampoline erected in the garden. The gentlemen were drinking in the garden but I never joined them.

There was a despidida party also hosted by Alma because she and her family will be going to migrate to Australia. That's why, the partygoers were divided into two groups, one in Mayette's house and the other one was in Alma's.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

During The Birmingham Baryo Pista

The Lord Mayor of Birmingham received the plaque of appreciation in behalf of the Birmingham Filipino Community by Theo
The UK Ambassador to the Philippine Embassy
The Philippine Consul General of the Philippine Embassy in UK

This is an update during the Birmingham Baryo Pista. It was attended by the Philippine Consul General to the UK and the UK Ambassador to the Philippines. Sorry, I forgot their names. The ambassador had said something interesting regarding the new policies regarding the immigration and this is favourable to all Filipinos.

This was taken during the Santacruzan sa Birmingham on the second day of the celebration. I think the event was said to be successful that attracted lots of expatriates within West Midlands.
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