Sunday, 7 December 2008

Christmas Is Around The Corner

The spirit of Christmas is around the corner and the cold wintry winds added the relevance that Christmas is coming soon. Eighteen days more to go and it's Christmas.

I started decorating as early as after the Halloween. I usually used to decorate very early as November. In the Philippines, they started decorating as early as October. My decors are muchly the same as the previous years. I added some ornaments and move the places of several decors to keep it alive.

I think Bacon loves my decors. I told her to help her daddy but she just sat there and watched TV. The same with Chez, Sweetie and Pinky. They don't care. But once I finished decorating, they were so jubilant and very happy that at last, Christmas is just around the corner.

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Sandra said...

Very festive blogs! I'm excited for Christmas too! :)

Unknown said...

Thank you.

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