Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year To All


Year of the ox, 2009 is already knocking our doors. We can say goodbye to 2008. Here in Britain, lavish and extravagant fireworks display will be showcasing in the River of Thames in London with the beautiful landmark of London Eye as its backdraft. Last year was a very succesful event. And I think today as well, New Year's Eve will be outlasting the previous display. Today's temperature have plummeted to minus 6 degrees centigrade.

But I am interested in our customs and traditions in my home country Philippines.

In Philippines the families gather together at midnight on New Year and eat a midnight meal. This is believed by the people in Philippines would ensure plenty of food in the coming year. The children in Philippines follow a custom of jumping up and down 10 times to grow tall in the coming year. This custom is believed would make the children taller for the coming year.

Fireworks are an important part of the New Year celebrations in Philippines. The people in Philippines set off fireworks as a symbol of happiness on New Year. The fireworks are seen as a traditional way to greet the New Year with joy.

The preparations for the New Year in Philippines begin a few days ahead of New Year. Although the customs of celebrating New Year in Philippines may have changed a little but the spirit of the New Year celebrations remains the same among the people of Philippines on New Year.

The custom of wishing everyone luck and happiness and seeing off the old year and welcoming the New Year is still prevalent in Philippines. Dance music and other amusements are the other customs that the people in Philippines follow on New Year.

Media Noche or midnight is an important custom that is followed. On New Year's Eve families in Philippines gather to have this midnight mass. This midnight mass is believed by the people in Philippines to symbolize their hopes for a prosperous New Year. The custom of making noise and merrymaking is not only meant to have all the fun on New Year but also to drive away evil spirits. The people in Philippines believe banging on pots and pans and blowing on car horns to be the safer methods of merrymaking on New Year.

The wide populaces in Philippines believe displaying colorful fruit and wearing clothes with dots and other circular designs would be lucky as they symbolize money. Just like the New Year custom of other countries the people in Philippines believe in following the custom of eating 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight on New Year. This would bring them good luck for the coming year. Opening the doors during the first day of the New Year is a custom that is followed to bring good luck for the New Year.

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Sunday, 28 December 2008

Queen Elizabeth II Christmas Message

(daily Queen and Duke of Edinburgh were joined by Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Princes William and Harry for the service at St Mary Magdalene Church near Sandringham House in Norfolk.

The Princess Royal and her husband Timothy Laurence, the Duke of York and his daughters Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, and the Earl and Countess of Wessex also attended.

Onlookers traditionally gather to see members of the Royal Family walk from Sandringham House to the nearby St Mary Magdalene Church.

On Christmas Eve, William and Harry took part in a traditional festive football match on the estate, joining estate workers in an informal game at Castle Rising near Sandringham.

The service comes ahead of the broadcast of the Monarch's speech which, last year, the Duke of York revealed the Queen sometimes watches alone to see if it comes across in the right way.

The Queen will use her this year's message to talk about the concern people are feeling over the economic downturn.

With unemployment rising and figures showing Britain heading into a recession, the Queen will say this year's celebrations will be overshadowed for some by fears about the future.

She will also highlight worries caused by conflict in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Queen will address the impact of economic "insecurity" on family life in her Christmas message, reflecting that this year's festivities will be "more sombre" for many.

She will stress the importance of the family during the economic downturn during the broadcast, which will also include rare film footage of Prince Charles as a baby.

The tone of her message acknowledge that Britain faces rising unemployment and uncertainty in the financial markets.

In the address, filmed in the Music Room at Buckingham Palace, the Queen highlights the support she and the Duke of Edinburgh receive from their own children and grandchildren.

The point is underlined by photographs on a grand piano behind the Queen of Prince William and Prince Harry in their Army uniform, next to one of the Prince of Wales in his flying gear when he was in the Royal Navy. There is also a photograph of the Duke of Edinburgh and a black and white one of the Queen and Duke with their children.

The broadcast, set against the backdrop of one of the severest recessions of the Queen's reign, comes after she privately urged the Royal Family to respect the difficult times the country faces by avoiding overt displays of extravagance. In her address the Queen acknowledges that many of her subjects have been hit hard by the economic slump.

"Christmas is a time for celebration, but this year it is a more sombre occasion for many," she will say.

"Some of those things which could once have been taken for granted suddenly seem less certain and naturally give rise to feelings of insecurity."

The broadcast will feature never before-seen private footage of the then Princess Elizabeth, aged 23, and Prince Charles in a drawing room at Clarence House in 1949 when he was one-years-old.

Princess Elizabeth and the Duke lived at Clarence House after their marriage in 1947 until she succeeded to the throne in 1952. Clarence House then became the home of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother and is now the official London residence of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall.

The black and white cine film is part of the Royal Family's own personal archive which is kept in the vaults of the British Film Institute. The Queen, who approved the film sequence for the Christmas Message, had not seen it for years.

When the film begins the credits, which will not be seen in the television broadcast, state: "Produced By: HRH Princess Elizabeth; CAST: HRH Prince Charles, HRH Princess Elizabeth; Photography: Graham Thompson

Gowns: Nannie; Make up and effects: Boyoh Brownovich. The future Queen dictated the cast list.

The nanny who chose the gown for the Prince was Helen Lightbody, who worked with him until two weeks before his eighth birthday. Miss Lightbody, who was nicknamed 'No Nonsense' Lightbody, never uttered a word about her experiences and retired to a grace-and-favour apartment owned by the Duchy of Cornwall. She died aged 79 in 1987.

The film footage is warm and extremely personal and underlines one of the themes of the Queen's message about the importance of the family in difficult times. The Queen will spend Christmas with her immediate family at Sandringham, her Norfolk residence.

The Queen also pays tribute to the unselfish work of the voluntary services at home and abroad and to the role of Armed Forces especially those involved in active service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Prince Harry became the first member of the Royal Family since the Duke of York in the Falklands in 1982 to serve on the front line when he went on secret assignment in Afghanistan for 10 weeks. The Queen, who is head of the Armed Forces, gave her approval for third in line to the throne to go to Afghanistan.

The Prince of Wales, who celebrated his 60th birthday in November, is also singled out by his mother who pays tribute to his lifetime of public service.

The broadcast, produced by the BBC, will be transmitted at 3pm on television and radio on Christmas Day and will also be available on the Royal Channel on the YouTube website from the same time.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas To All


Merry christmas

God is Love
Christmas is all about love
Christmas is thus about God and Love
Love is the key to peace among all mankind
Love is the key to peace and happiness within all creation
Love needs to be practiced - love needs to flow - love needs to make happy
Love starts with your partner, children and family and expands to all world
God bless all mankind
Today is the birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ
Let us pray together for peace on earth.

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Monday, 22 December 2008

MRI Update

The waiting is over. I received a letter from my neurologist and I attended my urgent appointment in Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Edgbaston.

It took 24 days for them to report. I had my MRI scan last November 22 and just now they are able to read it.
I was really anxious when I received the letter because it was urgent. As what I heard, if they have given you an urgent appointment, it means there is something wrong.

I went for my duty in the morning and attended my appointment at 4pm. I went there by bike only and I was really sweating as the hospital is more elevated.

My name was called and I went to the clinic of my consultant, Mr. Benamer. I could not control my heart beating so fast. He then started breaking the news that I have a cyst in my pineal gland. He further said that it is more likely that I have it since I was a child but just now, I noticed it and seen through MRI scan (magnetic resonance imaging).

He said that I have nothing to worry as pineal gland cyst is more likely to be benign, meaning, not cancerous. But you know, to my own point of view, it is not nice to hear that you have a cyst and of course, I will think of something else.

But he assured me that I have nothing to worry. The pineal gland (also called the pineal body, epiphysis cerebri, or epiphysis) is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain.
It produces melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and photoperiodic (seasonal) functions.
It is shaped like a tiny pine cone (hence its name), and is located near to the centre of the brain, between the two hemispheres, tucked in a groove where the two rounded thalamic bodies join.

A pineal cyst is a fluid-filled mass that can occur in the pineal gland. True pineal gland cysts are not brain tumors; rather, they are a completely benign cyst. The cause of these cystic masses are not known.

The large majority of pineal gland cysts do not enlarge much if at all. However, some enlarge over time slowly.

Although a true pineal cyst is benign and usually harmless, because they can mimic a tumor, they often need to be distinguished from other cystic tumors which can occur in the region of the pineal gland.

But Mr. Benamer have referred me to another consultant for verification. He said that surgical intervention is not necessary as this is only benign. I also asked if my headache is related to the cyst but he said that it is not.

Actually, I was not contented of what he said. I will ask a second opinion. As I do my browsing regarding the cyst, the first symptom that would occur is the unexplained headache but he underlook that one.

Well, at least, it is not dangerous as it is only a benign cyst. I called straight away Oliver in Recovery informing me about the result and he passed it to my manager, Pav and they were all glad of the good news.

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Monday, 15 December 2008

ALEXANDRA BURKE crashed to victory in X Factor live final last Saturday, 13th of December, 2008. She is my favourite since the start of the elimination round. My other contenders for the top post are Ruth Lorenzo, Laura White and Rachel Hylton. But unfortunately, because of low votes gathered, they all eliminated.

The Londoner, who was mentored to success by new judge and Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole, beat JLS after singing Hallelujah.

Northern Ireland's Eoghan Quigg, 16, was the first one to exit. I really don't like him because he can't sing and if he can sing, he sing like in a karaoke.

Over eight million votes were cast as fans selected the new star. And that all went to Alexandra.

Tearful Alexandra, 20, struggled to speak after host Dermot O'Leary gave her the news but told the viewers: "Thank you everyone, Simon, Dannii, Cheryl, Louis and everyone."

And Cheryl was on hand to congratulate her — giving her a huge hug of support.

Meanwhile, JLS paid tribute to Alexandra for winning the £1million recording contract and thanked fans for voting.

Marvin added: "A huge thank you to everyone, the support's been just terrific. Hopefully this is the start of something."

There were more tears as Dermot showed Alexandra the first copy of her X Factor single.
She said: "You know what, for everyone who voted for me, this is for you. For everyone."
Alexandra previously applied to the X Factor three years ago, but failed to get through.
After winning the contest at the second time of coming back again, she told the wannabes to never give up on their dreams.

The singer said: "I went for this show three years ago and I got told to go home because I wasn't ready.

"So I came back three years later and look what's happened.

"It proves you must always, always try again."

Despite missing out on the recording deal, Eoghan urged the nation to celebrate his new friend's win.

He said: "I'd like everybody to have a big party now! Thank you everybody back home for voting, I love you all so much."

Alexandra was being praised for her duet performance with my great idol, Beyonce. What a nerve cracking belter performance of her.

But again, sad to say that Ruth and Laura were eliminated. I think they must change the criteria for judging because it is mostly commercialized and moneymaking contest and not being judged by the proper judges.

How about it they do a 50-50 criteria, like 50% for the judges and 50% for the text votes.

Alexandra with BEYONCE

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Christmas Is Around The Corner

The spirit of Christmas is around the corner and the cold wintry winds added the relevance that Christmas is coming soon. Eighteen days more to go and it's Christmas.

I started decorating as early as after the Halloween. I usually used to decorate very early as November. In the Philippines, they started decorating as early as October. My decors are muchly the same as the previous years. I added some ornaments and move the places of several decors to keep it alive.

I think Bacon loves my decors. I told her to help her daddy but she just sat there and watched TV. The same with Chez, Sweetie and Pinky. They don't care. But once I finished decorating, they were so jubilant and very happy that at last, Christmas is just around the corner.

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