Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Waiting For The Result

The long wait is over and I had my MRI scan done already last Saturday in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Selly Oak, Birmingham. I was scheduled at 1015 am. I nearly missed my appointment since I overlooked the time.

As I was nearly late, I took a taxi in going there and I arrived on time. When my name called at the MRI department, I was being escorted up to the locker room to leave my things there. I was being instructed to remove all metals, coins, and keys of which I didn't have.

I then asked the one who escorted me if I would be allowed to have my photos taken. Sorry but I forgot her name. She then asked the radiographer and I was so glad that my request was granted in a condition that this will be my personal use and not to be used or spread in the internet. I did promised her and I will keep to my promise.

As agreed, somebody took my photos once I started sitting in the table, then lying down, then pushed me inside the scan. I could hardly see them because I took off my glasses. They let me wear ear plugs and cautioned me of the loud noise.

When I was inside the scan, it was so very noisy like somebody was hammering and the loud buzzer every now and then. It took about an hour for the scan. To be honest, I was really petrified. I am still thinking too much, very anxious of the result. I did asked if I could know the initial findings but she said that my neurosurgeon will be the one to explain it to me.
Through this misery, I would like to thank Mayette, Steve and Ate Nitz for offering to escort me and to be with me during the procedure. They are such a true friends of mine.

I am still hoping for a normal result. I know that God is always by my side. I'm really praying hard and I do believe in him. My faith for him is strong. God is good.

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1 comment:

adette said...

It's true.....have faith in God, in him there's no impossible...

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