Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Ruby Is Coming To England

Ruby Wolfsteiner or Ruby for short is here in UK for a short visit. She stayed with me for the next 3 weeks. I met her in Birmingham International Airport a week ago together with my kids, Bacon and Chez.

They (Bacon and Chez) were so happy and excited to see her and that was their first time to go to the airport. To both of you, you know, how much your daddy love you. I was with Roger de Leon in fetching her and he brought all his kids with him as nobody would look after them.

When we reached home, we had our lunch together and the foods being served were the spare during my birthday. I knew that she was so tired at that time because she travelled from Hohenfels in Bavaria region in Germany up to Hahn, Frankfurt for 5 hours and her husband was the one driving. That was a long journey, isn't it?

I just toured her here in Northfield and she enjoyed browsing the stores and she kept on saying that it is so cheap here. I just laughed at her. I started to get worried since I was running out of money and I have no overtime for the past month.

But anyway, since she is here, I will try to be a good host. Ruby is a easy going person and very flexible. I can assure that she possess a good character and trustworthy.
Bacon and Chez waiting for their tita Ruby to come out from the arrival area
Ruby hugged Bacon and Chez
Chez, son, am I pretty in my position here?
above photo: Dad, look at Chez, below: Daddy Rolly with Bacon and Chez

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Joro Livelihood said...

Welcome to England, Ruby.

Anonymous said...

mas maganda nakapunta ka dyan

Unknown said...

Hahahaha, kuyog2x diay mga chikitings nimo Loy? Ka cute nila duh....palangga kaau sa Mami Loloy uy.

Uli na si Ruby?

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