Sunday, 2 November 2008

My Birthday Update Part 1


Our birthday party is over and it was indeed, a very successful one and full of joy. There were so many guests as usual and they are from the Northfield Filipino Community. Foods were either being donated or given as charity...hehehe.

By the way, the 2nd part of this event can be viewed by clicking the link here.

The birthday party was a joint party for the birthday celebrants, Rolly, Bacon and Chez. That was their first birthday party ever. Bacon was very gorgeous and very beautiful on her fairy dress with gold crown, earrings, necklace and anklet. Chez was wearing a spiderman outfit and he was so lovely on that attire.

They even blew the candles and made a wish. Bacon and Chez wishes was that they can walk someday. They know that their daddy Rolly love them so much. The kids love them and they posed with them. The only person that kept on laughing was Dante Lactao. He could not believe that Bacon and Chez were having a birthday as well.

Baby Jojo was there as well but this time via webcam. He woke up early and viewed the entire birhtday party and even chatted to my guests. I was so happy with his attendance. I know that he love me so much. Thank you for your love, baby Jojo.

The kids were playing all night long and the teenagers had a chat and so with the adults. As I blew the candles, I was in tears when prayers were offered by Arleen Huelgas. It was so difficult to move from either rooms because the space is just enough for me.

Present were my everdearest friends here in Northfield:

  1. Wilson and Arleen Huelgas with Dave, Katherine and Kirsten and Roselle
  2. Bert and Alice Anqui with Dondon and Christian
  3. Zaldy Uera with Zamil, Jono and Josh
  4. Mayette Rivera and Jamjam with Abby, Mikoy, Pauline and Akring
  5. Hams Masuhud with Shareen and Amr
  6. Dante and Macy Lactao with Mayumi, Maraya and Rikki
  7. Imelda with Isabel and her sister
  8. Roger and Bing de Leon with KC and Vernette
  9. Meg Castracion and husband with son
  10. Alma Bautista with Louis
  11. Wilmer Ragudo
  12. Sheila
  13. Francis
  14. Nikko Chiong
  15. Espinoza children (Carlo, Cyrus, Charmaine and Renzo)
  16. Bing Porte with Dondon and Francesca

Here are the photos below:

Zaldy and Bing preparing the foods
Imelda and daugher, Isabelle posing with Bacon and Chez
it's like a childrens party, isn't it? The second part can be viewed by clicking this link here

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Anonymous said...

Rolly, belated Happy Birthday to you, Bacon and Chez!! What a great party you all had. You are blessed with so many friends. :o) All the best!

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