Sunday, 14 September 2008

Want To Know Who Is My Dyosa?

I have my new dyosa in my life and her name is Bacon. She is so lovely and sweet. I can compare her to any leading character actress in the Philippine television. Like for example, she can be a Dyosa.

Before, she was My Girl, an avid fan of the Philippine adaptation of the Koreanovela soap opera, My Girl. I do like the local version spearheaded by my idols, Kim Chiu (Jasmine) and Gerald Anderson (Julian). The story is very romantic and nakakilig. Hahay!

Like My Girl, Dyosa is a fantaserye with Anne Curtis as Josephine and Dyosa. I love the costumes of her being a Dyosa Cielo (goddess of heavens), Dyosa Agua (goddess of seas) and Dyosa Tierra (goddess of land). She is being destined to be the Takda (the righteous) after the age of 18. But she is being tested with her foes and that's her conquest for peace and presperity begins. It is also a love triangle between the three most handsome men in the Philippine cinemas like Zanjoe Marudo, Luis Manzano and Sam Milby.

It's better for you to watch it by yourself to follow her destiny. Bacon is an avid fan of Dyosa as she wanted to be Dyosa as well. Come on Bacon, show them your prowess.

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Anonymous said...

Pagkagwapa sa imo anak anakan Rolly. Pwede pahulam? heheheh

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