Sunday, 28 September 2008

Please Help Me To Get Out Of This Trap

Life is getting to be tougher as I am facing the financial difficulties in my life. I don't know when this will end. But for sure, I am imprisoned with debts. Market crash out and the credit crunch are the main factors that contributed to the burden.

In my situation, I am like a walking dead. At the moment, I am still earning but nothing spare for extras. It all goes to the creditors plus the huge interests and surcharges. It is not really fair for the consumers and the debtors.
I fall into bad credit adn it means a condition, where the borrower past credit history affected by CCJs, IVAs, defaults, late payment, bankruptcy etc.

I don't know on how to survive. I received horrendous persistent annoying calls, demanding payment letters and threats from the creditors.
I did try a lot of remedies how to cope up the problems but it seems that the chance is very elusive.

I applied so many banks, building societies for bail out but all of them had declined my application due to bad credit ratings.
This means that everytime I applied for credits and loans, it will be automatically declined. This is really unfair.

I also received loads of offers from companies telling me that they can give me loan even with CCJs, court orders and bad credit ratings. I tried to contact one of them but I was shocked upon knowing with the huge interest rates.

If anyone of you who is reading my blog, please do leave a message or do help me to get out from this trap.


Anonymous said...

You can surely make it through with the credit crunch. Trust me.

Anonymous said...

Debts debts debts, go away

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