Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Happy Birthday, JOJO and Joro

Happy Birthday!  animated
JOJO is turning another year of maturity today, 17th of July. But not only Jojo who is going to have a birthday but it is a joint celebration for the cute and lovely Joro. He said that he is going to celebrate his birthday as well together with his Tito Jojo. What can Jojo do so it is a joint birthday party now.

He is going to celebrate it with a small family gatherings but I doubt it that it could be a small one because the whole barangay might know it. Anyway, at least, he will be enjoying for this ever first big time celebration of his birthday.

To you, JOJO and to Joro (even if it's not your birthday), I wish you success and good health. And that God will shower you graces. And that our relationship will get more stronger as ever. I'm always in your side, supporting you and will never leave you alone or drop you in the air.

My love for you is eternal and I just hope that this will remain the same from the day we met until the end.

Happy Birthday to my beloved JOJO.
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1 comment:

Joro Livelihood said...

Happy Birthday nimo baby Jojo. Hinaut nga magmalipayon ka sa imong birthday. I love you very much.

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