Sunday, 29 June 2008

Proud Pinoy Products, The Only In The Midlands

There are so many Filipinos proliferating and mushrooming here in Birmingham and majority of us are all nurses and their spouses either working in Tesco, Post Office, carer or porter. We are mostly all Filipinos and there are only few Pinays married to British. But we, as nurses, we are being recruited from the Philippines, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi and we are the nearly the majority of the minorities in England's second city, Birmingham.

As for this, we all need our own foods, Filipino style. I have so many friends who married a foreigner in Germany, US and Canada but it seems that they have set aside their cultural values in favour of their husband's culture and beliefs of which I think is wrong. I can say this to Pinays who they think that their husbands are more dominating than them.

But for us here in UK, we are here to work for our profession as nurses. The Northfield Filipino Community is preserving the Filipino values and pass it on to their siblings. In every party here, it's the same faces that you can see and the camaraderie is still intact for all of us. Their children is learning bilingual (English and Tagalog) or else, their parents will kick their butts. I love our values especially for the respect of the children like kissing your hands every time they see you. What a feeling. That's respect and that respect is nowhere to be found in this country as the children are more liberated.

And now, for the 1st time in Birmingham and the entire West Midlands, the Filipino store is finally dropping its curtains to the market. I already said this before and I have to repeat it again for the sake of promotion. This is being called as Far East Mini Mart.

The business of the the energetic and mindful thinking couple of Brendo and Mayette Rivera is exceptional as they crosses the way to success. With their perseverance and determination, I'm pretty sure that this small business will soon to be a bigger one. The store is located in Northfield Markets in Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, about 6 miles from the city centre and just opposite my house. They sold most of the Filipino products like rice, toyo, suka, patis, pancit canton, bagoong, cornicks, ginisa mix, sitsirya,drinks and beverages, TFC subscription, etc, name it, they have it.

If there's something missing in your kitchen, why not visit their store in Northfield Markets and buy a delicacy or something to add spice to your life. I'm pretty sure that Brendo and Mayette will accomodate you to the fullest. If you can't make it in coming over their store, you can place your order by phone and they will deliver it to your doorsteps with a smile. But sad to say that credits are not allowed. But why not try to beg for credit, maybe you will be granted.

This is a free ads for the interests and promotion of the Pinoy store of Brendo and Mayette, my everdearest friends eversince.
the proprietress, Mayette Rivera and her daughter, Jam
have your pick, it's not that expensive
get a basket and fill it with these
Pinoy to the fullest

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Beth said...

Wow... this is great. Hopefully makakita pod ko ug Pinoy grocery store diri sa bag- o namong gipuy-an.

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