Saturday, 31 May 2008

Madonna Decena Eliminated

Last Friday night was the final semifinals round of the Britain's Got Talent and the winners selected will go through the finals on Saturday.

The remaining Filipino entrant of the show was my earlier favourite, Madonna Decena. She was also the crowds favourite but unfortunately, her rendition was not for her. It didn't suit her voice and I thought her voice was not good enough to impress the judges. The most annoying thing and the biggest mistake she did was dragging her kids into the limelight which is supposed to be not there since this is not a drama show but to show her talent.

In due respect of her, I think her first rendition during the audition is the most suitable for the semifinals and I could foresee her winning. But that is part of the show. She must learn from her mistakes not to include her family problems plus the tears that concealed Amanda which is not fair.

Better luck next time and hope she will succeed without her kids fairytale.

This coming June 28 and 29 will be the Birmingham Independence Day in Selly Oak Park. The organizers tried to get hold of Madonna Decena but it seems that her talent fee is enormous and the organizers can't affort to pay her. I don't know why she put a high price, in fact, she's not a big star yet. And then, they decided to get Charlie Green of which the young boy never refused but with a minimal fee. That's Charlie Green.

Next video was the Friday's favourite, Escala.

This act is not to be miscalculated as well, Signature.

This young lad called Andrew Johnston was also tipped to win the top prize.

Faryl Smith, Birmingham's pride.

My favourites to win the Britain's Got Talent
1. George Sampson
2. Signature
3. Escala
4. Faryl Smith
5. Andrew Johnston

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