Sunday, 22 June 2008

The Bayanihan Spirit

Filipinos are really fantastic in terms of good values that I think nobody else on this earth can surpass. Even for these days in this modern world, the true blooded Filipino especially for those living in the rural areas will never forget the golden value of Pinoy.

I witnessed it by myself when I travelled to Dipolog City together with my dear Jojo and riding a rented pedicab driven by Bobby the true camaderie of my fellow provincemates of Zamboanga del Norte. This is what we called in tagalog, 'bayanihan' but I don't know in bisaya, I think it's 'magtinabangay'. I was actually enjoying the still beautiful scenery of Dapitan river winding at the foot of the mountains in Ilaya. I even captured the scenic view of the river which still the same as before.

You know what I'd seen. The small nipa house was in the middle of the highway as men carried them across the road. And there were so many people witnessing it and showing their support. It was only a very small native nipa hut but it only showed the strong camaraderie of the community. I don't know if this still occuring in the urban cities. That righteous event was witnessed in my camera and I am so happy about it. I'm very proud of being a Pinoy.

Filipinos really valued our good virtues that we inherited from our ancestors. They are good values and it never fade for so many generations has had passed. For us, I am very proud of what I have witnessed and I just hope that this will go on and be passed to our next generation.
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