Tuesday, 27 May 2008

What a Beautiful Beach

I just came back from my memorable holiday back home in the Philippines. I don't want to come back because I think my happiness is there. Memories that can never be forgotten.
I'd been to different places but I enjoyed a lot to my trip to Oklahama resort in Baliangao, Misamis Occidental. It is a nice resort, very clean and virgin seas and air. My whole family was with me and so with Jojo.

This happened through the invitation of Mercy Baconga Ollsen presenly residing in Gotenburg, Sweden. She hailed from Punta Miray, Baliangao, Misamis Occidental. All of us went there renting a multicab bringing nothing.

We thought that we would be having our lunch in their house but they brought us to an island called Cabcaban, near Oklahama Resort, a string of islands connected to each other. The islands have no human dwellings, only trees and mangrooves plus the white beaches and rocks that forms the islands. We had a lovely lunch of seafoods and grilled fishes. There, we found a lot of starfishes and took a photo with them.

Later on, we proceeded to Oklahoma Resort by just walking through the white beaches. We were to lucky at that time since the owner of the resort was not there and only the caretaker was there who was also a friend of Mercy's family.

We strolled the resort for free but be watchful for the owner to come. It is a nice place, worth for staying overnight, very peaceful and romantic.

We went home as the dusk entered. We stayed in Mercy's house for a chat, then went home full of stories to tell.

I did enjoyed my swimming with Jojo, it was really memorable.

Punta Miray Oklahoma

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