Friday, 30 May 2008

The Fall of Charlie Green

Last night, Wednesday was the 3rd round of semifinals of the world class show, Britain's Got Talent, one of my favourites to get throught the finals was Charlie Green, the 12 years old lad half-British half-Filipino was unfortunately eliminated.

My heart broke as I seen him going through the judges' vote. Unluckily, only Simon Cowell voted for him and Amanda and Piers voted against him.

The reason? Twas his type of music and they thought it didn't blended well. They all agreed that that he has the good voice but despite that, the music piece tore him down. But anyway, my supprot is still binding on him and I still believe that one day, he will shine.

But another 13 year old lad applauded the audience with his tactful hiphop dance and dancing in the rain. He is Andrew Simpson and he is my bet to win the coveted price in the Royal Variety Show. His act was magnificent and amazing and he is such a inspiring lad that will soon be a superstar.

Below is Andrew Simpson's winning video

Announcement of the result

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