Tuesday, 27 May 2008

As A Guest Speaker

Mapang Elementary School II school grounds (part of the building)
while waiting for the ceremony to start
the graduating class 2008
delivering my keynote speech
with the head of different schools and Dr. Eden Reyes, Asst. Division Superintendent

I was astonished upon learning that I was being designated to be the guest speaker of my dear alma mater, Mapang Elementary School 2 in Mapang, Rizal, Zamboanga del Norte. It's been 30 years since I graduated VALEDICTORIAN to this school.

It's my honour to be back again to my dear school. This year's theme is "The Filipino Graduates: Celebrating Achievements, Pursuing Opportunities". There were about 41 graduates.

That was my first time to speak in public. The date, that was March 26, 2008 at the school outdoor stage. As I was being introduced by the Head Teacher III of the school, Mr. Sisinio Magoncia, I started to become nervous. Sitting next to me in stage was the Region IX Asst. Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Eden Reyes, who kept on cheering as my accomplishment and scholastic status was read by Mr. Magoncia.

I was trembling when I deliverd my keynote speech as I was not used to speak infront of the audience. I thought I was mumbling or I thought, they could hardly understood of what I was talking about it probably, they could not get along with my British accent. Whew! But at last, I managed to do it, What a relief.

After my speech, I witnessed the ribbon pinning and donning of medals to the honour roll. I could the faces of the proud parents who went to stage so happy. Afte the ceremony, there was a lunch served to us. Sumptuous foods, of course. I did like eating the buko salad and the starapple salad.

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LoUraiNe said...

been here. agi ra ko loy.. tc

SoccerNanay said...

Wish we had a commencement speaker with a British accent back in Highschool. Maybe I would have listened more closely (I had no idea then who the speaker was, come to think of it).

I did a graduation speech in some Davao del Norte town several years ago, when I was still working in Davao, and I did my speech in Bisaya. Asa ka ra! My mother was appalled!

Ylan said...

must really been an honor na himuung guest speaker Loy... congrats!
and since imong gimention nga 30 years ago na to nga valedictorian ka, kabalo na nuun ko sa imong edad :P :P

bitaw gi add ko ni imong blog sa akong tanang blogs, please do add mine...

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