Saturday, 31 May 2008

Madonna Decena Eliminated

Last Friday night was the final semifinals round of the Britain's Got Talent and the winners selected will go through the finals on Saturday.

The remaining Filipino entrant of the show was my earlier favourite, Madonna Decena. She was also the crowds favourite but unfortunately, her rendition was not for her. It didn't suit her voice and I thought her voice was not good enough to impress the judges. The most annoying thing and the biggest mistake she did was dragging her kids into the limelight which is supposed to be not there since this is not a drama show but to show her talent.

In due respect of her, I think her first rendition during the audition is the most suitable for the semifinals and I could foresee her winning. But that is part of the show. She must learn from her mistakes not to include her family problems plus the tears that concealed Amanda which is not fair.

Better luck next time and hope she will succeed without her kids fairytale.

This coming June 28 and 29 will be the Birmingham Independence Day in Selly Oak Park. The organizers tried to get hold of Madonna Decena but it seems that her talent fee is enormous and the organizers can't affort to pay her. I don't know why she put a high price, in fact, she's not a big star yet. And then, they decided to get Charlie Green of which the young boy never refused but with a minimal fee. That's Charlie Green.

Next video was the Friday's favourite, Escala.

This act is not to be miscalculated as well, Signature.

This young lad called Andrew Johnston was also tipped to win the top prize.

Faryl Smith, Birmingham's pride.

My favourites to win the Britain's Got Talent
1. George Sampson
2. Signature
3. Escala
4. Faryl Smith
5. Andrew Johnston

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Friday, 30 May 2008

The Fall of Charlie Green

Last night, Wednesday was the 3rd round of semifinals of the world class show, Britain's Got Talent, one of my favourites to get throught the finals was Charlie Green, the 12 years old lad half-British half-Filipino was unfortunately eliminated.

My heart broke as I seen him going through the judges' vote. Unluckily, only Simon Cowell voted for him and Amanda and Piers voted against him.

The reason? Twas his type of music and they thought it didn't blended well. They all agreed that that he has the good voice but despite that, the music piece tore him down. But anyway, my supprot is still binding on him and I still believe that one day, he will shine.

But another 13 year old lad applauded the audience with his tactful hiphop dance and dancing in the rain. He is Andrew Simpson and he is my bet to win the coveted price in the Royal Variety Show. His act was magnificent and amazing and he is such a inspiring lad that will soon be a superstar.

Below is Andrew Simpson's winning video

Announcement of the result

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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

As A Guest Speaker

Mapang Elementary School II school grounds (part of the building)
while waiting for the ceremony to start
the graduating class 2008
delivering my keynote speech
with the head of different schools and Dr. Eden Reyes, Asst. Division Superintendent

I was astonished upon learning that I was being designated to be the guest speaker of my dear alma mater, Mapang Elementary School 2 in Mapang, Rizal, Zamboanga del Norte. It's been 30 years since I graduated VALEDICTORIAN to this school.

It's my honour to be back again to my dear school. This year's theme is "The Filipino Graduates: Celebrating Achievements, Pursuing Opportunities". There were about 41 graduates.

That was my first time to speak in public. The date, that was March 26, 2008 at the school outdoor stage. As I was being introduced by the Head Teacher III of the school, Mr. Sisinio Magoncia, I started to become nervous. Sitting next to me in stage was the Region IX Asst. Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Eden Reyes, who kept on cheering as my accomplishment and scholastic status was read by Mr. Magoncia.

I was trembling when I deliverd my keynote speech as I was not used to speak infront of the audience. I thought I was mumbling or I thought, they could hardly understood of what I was talking about it probably, they could not get along with my British accent. Whew! But at last, I managed to do it, What a relief.

After my speech, I witnessed the ribbon pinning and donning of medals to the honour roll. I could the faces of the proud parents who went to stage so happy. Afte the ceremony, there was a lunch served to us. Sumptuous foods, of course. I did like eating the buko salad and the starapple salad.

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What a Beautiful Beach

I just came back from my memorable holiday back home in the Philippines. I don't want to come back because I think my happiness is there. Memories that can never be forgotten.
I'd been to different places but I enjoyed a lot to my trip to Oklahama resort in Baliangao, Misamis Occidental. It is a nice resort, very clean and virgin seas and air. My whole family was with me and so with Jojo.

This happened through the invitation of Mercy Baconga Ollsen presenly residing in Gotenburg, Sweden. She hailed from Punta Miray, Baliangao, Misamis Occidental. All of us went there renting a multicab bringing nothing.

We thought that we would be having our lunch in their house but they brought us to an island called Cabcaban, near Oklahama Resort, a string of islands connected to each other. The islands have no human dwellings, only trees and mangrooves plus the white beaches and rocks that forms the islands. We had a lovely lunch of seafoods and grilled fishes. There, we found a lot of starfishes and took a photo with them.

Later on, we proceeded to Oklahoma Resort by just walking through the white beaches. We were to lucky at that time since the owner of the resort was not there and only the caretaker was there who was also a friend of Mercy's family.

We strolled the resort for free but be watchful for the owner to come. It is a nice place, worth for staying overnight, very peaceful and romantic.

We went home as the dusk entered. We stayed in Mercy's house for a chat, then went home full of stories to tell.

I did enjoyed my swimming with Jojo, it was really memorable.

Punta Miray Oklahoma

Happy Graduation

Congratulations to my everdearest. Dioser 'Jojo' Capio for graduating with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in banking and finance in Bukidnon State University, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon.

I attended his graduation even if it took 12 hours to travel from Mapang to Malaybalay. That was my promised to him to attend his graduation. That is also my purpose in going home because I don't want to fail him. I was his guest of honor during the graduation and I was the one who marched with him on the processional instead of his mother and sister.

There were so many graduates which took place in the covered court of Bukidnon State University last March 31, 2008, Monday, that started on time, 830 am. The weather was cooperating at that time and I also met his relatives.

I was so happy looking at him finally surpassed his studies and for wearing the toga and hood. The ceremony eventually finished before midday. We took some photos and proceeded to Sir Edwards Restaurant for our lunch.

Jojo is my precious one and I don't want to lose him, ever. We had a good time together in Malaybalay. To you baby Jojo, remember, I am always here for you and my love for you will never fade.

Dioser Capio’s Graduation
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